Bid Award for: Water treatment service program for Heating and Cooling systems for ( AREA 1) UW Madison.

Agency Bid Number: 27963-AS
Date Available: January 8, 2009
Bid Due Date and Time: March 11, 2009   14:00:00
(All bid due times are Central Time)
Last Revision: February 23, 2009
Award Date: October 29, 2009


The State of Wisconsin is seeking qualified vendor(s) to provide a comprehensive water treatment service program for Heating and cooling systems for UW Madison, WI. This water treatment service includes all chemical products, any required equipment, and professional technical service from a water treatment contractor. This professional service enhances program safety, treat to reduce fuel and electrical consumption through improved heat transfer efficiency, protect and minimize repair and maintenance cost associated with scale, corrosion, fouling and microbiological growth to:

1. Steam boiler systems and steam distribution systems.
2. Condensate return system.
3. Cooling system.

Professional services provides knowledgeable service personnel to ensure program success, monitor program results, appropriate recommendations with quantifiable justification, and train plant personnel on the implementation and control of the program.

Commodity Codes:
88528 - Antifoaming Agents
88532 - Boiler Water Chemical Treating Compounds
88578 - pH Control Chemicals: Caustic Soda, Lime, Muriatic Acid, Quicklime, Soda Ash, etc.
88579 - Reagents, Buffer (For Water Treatment)
88594 - Water Treating Chemicals (Not Otherwise Classified)

Attached Documents:

1. Addendum
2. Addendum
3. Complete bid for Water treatmnet Service Program

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