Bid Announcement for Drop In Child Care Services at Milwaukee Enrollment Services Center (MilES)

Agency Bid Number: 1703 DHCAA-SM
Date Available: November 1, 2010
Bid Due Date and Time: November 23, 2010   11:00:00
(All bid due times are Central Time)
Last Revision: November 1, 2010

For more information contact:
Susan McKercher
1 W Wilson St
Madison WI 53703

E-mail Address:
Fax Number: (608) 264-9874

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Quote Price and Delivery FOB:

Contract services for Drop In Day Care providing a safe, high quality, healthy and stimulating learning environment for the short term care of children whose parents or guardians are transacting documented business at the Marcia P. Coggs Human Services Center, located at 1220 W. Vliet Street, Milwaukee.

Commodity Codes:
95225 - Day Care (Preschool)

Attached Documents:
1. Addendum 1 RFB 1703
2. Appendix A
3. Appendix B
4. Appendix C
5. Questions Answers RFP 1703
6. RFB Document

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