Contract Information for IT-Microcomputer Software - EXPIRED

Contract Number:

September 7, 2010 - August 31, 2015

Last Revision:
September 14, 2015

NIGP Code:
20810 - Accounting/Financial: Bookkeeping, Billing and Invoicing, Budgeting, Payroll, Taxes, etc.
20811 - Application Software, Microcomputer
20812 - Architectural Software
20818 - Bar Code Software (Microcomputer)
20819 - Biometric Authentication System Software for Microcomputers
20820 - Business Software, Misc.: Agenda, Labels, Mail List, Planning, Scheduling, etc.
20827 - Communications: Networking, Linking, etc.
20830 - Computer Aided Design and Vectorization Software
20836 - Data Processing Software, Microcomputer
20837 - Database Software
20839 - Desktop Publishing
20840 - Driver and Hardware Support Programs
20841 - Engineering Software
20842 - EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Translator Software, Microcomputer
20843 - Educational: Foreign Languages, Math, Science, Social Studies, etc.
20844 - E-Mail Software
20845 - Expert System Software
20846 - E-Commerce Software (Microcomputer)
20850 - Graphics: Clip Art, Demos, Presentation, Slide Shows, etc.
20851 - Human Resources Software
20853 - Integrated Software
20854 - Internet and Web Site Software for Microcomputers
20855 - Inventory Management
20856 - Logistics and Supply Chain Software
20857 - Law Enforcement Software
20858 - Language Translation Software
20859 - Library Information Management Software
20860 - Medical Software, All Types
20861 - OCR and Scanner Software
20863 - Personnel Software
20865 - Point of Sale Software
20867 - Programming: Basic, Assembler, Computer Assisted Software Engineering Tools (CASE), Libraries, etc.
20868 - Project Management
20870 - Printing Software (Microcomputer)
20871 - Purchasing Software
20872 - Purchasing and Accounting Codes for use with PC Software
20876 - Real Estate/Property Management
20877 - Recycled Microcomputer Software
20880 - Software, Microcomputer (Not Otherwise Classified)
20881 - Software For Computer Software Training
20882 - Scientific, Statistical, Engineering, Mathematical, and Mapping Software (Including Photogrammetry)
20883 - Shipping and Postal Management Software
20884 - Spread Sheet Software
20885 - Surveying Systems Software
20886 - Sound or Music Editing Software, Microcomputer
20887 - Tools, Programming and Case
20888 - Software, Monitoring
20890 - Utilities: Back-up, Batch File, Menus, Operating System, Network Operating System, Network Management, Recovery, Screen, Security, Virus Protection, etc.
20894 - Word Processing, Text Editors, Spell Checkers
20911 - Accounting/Financial: Bookkeeping, Billing and Invoicing, Budgeting, Payroll, Taxes, etc.
20931 - Computer Aided Design
20940 - Desktop Publishing
20941 - Driver and Hardware Support Programs
20945 - E-Mail Software
20946 - Expert System Software
20949 - Geographic Information System (GIS) Software
20952 - Human Resources Software
20956 - Inventory Management
20958 - Language Translation Software
20959 - Logistics and Supply Chain Software
20962 - OCR and Scanner Software
20964 - Personnel Software
20966 - Point of Sale Software
20968 - Programming: Basic, Assembler, etc.
20969 - Project Management
20977 - Real Estate/Property Management
20982 - Scientific, Statistical, Engineering, Mathematical, and Mapping Software (Including Photogrammetry)
20984 - Shipping and Postal Management Software
20985 - Spread Sheet Software
20986 - Surveying Systems Software
20988 - Tools, Programming and Case
20991 - Utilities: Back-up, Batch File, Menus, Network Management, Operating System, Recovery, Screen, Security, Virus Protection, etc.
20995 - Word Processing, Text Editors, Label Makers, Spell Checkers, etc.
92045 - Software Maintenance/Support

Cooperative Purchasing:

Mandatory Purchasing:

Purchasing Card:

Ceotrid Gilbert
101 E Wilson
Madison, WI 53703

(608) 267-4506

Quote Price and Delivery FOB:

Special Terms & Conditions/Specifications:

RFB 28031-KA


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9/11/2015 - Please be advised that the contract documents are fully executed and orders can now be placed or released against contract 505ENT-M16-VARSOFTWARE-00. All resellers have been notified of this and the contract 505ENT-M16-VARSOFTWARE-00 will be added to VendorNet today.

8/31/2015 - All users of this contract, please be advised that the State software contract has been bid and awarded. The awarded contract documents will be routed today for signature. A new contract will be posted to VendorNet to replace this current contract. Any questions regarding this transition please email me directly:
3/20/15 - The following reference materials for the Adobe VIP program has been attached: (1) Program Guide, (2) Program Guide- Education, (3) Admin Console User Guide.

03/18/2015 - Adobe VIP Terms and Conditions have been negotiated and attached (reference only). Adobe VIP 'list price' sheet has been attached. Orders for Adobe VIP subscription licensing should be placed with one of the resellers under this contract. Each enrolling agency will need to execute a copy of the negotiated VIP Terms and Conditions and complete Exhibit A attached thereto which designates the "Console Administrator". The VIP terms and conditions should be obtained directly from Adobe for signature. Each agency will be responsible for their own license administration and compliance for their respective use. Pricing remains Cost Plus for subscription products(see 'Pricing Cheat Sheet..." under attachments section below). Use of the VIP program is optional.

03/11/2015 - Agencies now may use this contract for the purchase of Microsoft Office 365 subscription licensing.
Agencies must contact Herb Thompson directly before they can purchase Microsoft Office 365.
As the State as a whole moves in the direction of Office 365, Herb as the point of contact for DET would like to be aware of any pending purchases.
A new Microsoft Enterprise Agreement that will cover the purchase of subscription licensing will be negotiated and in the interim, agencies will need to execute their own terms and conditions for Office 365 subscription licensing.

02/13/2014 CDW-G's Contract has been amended to include the sale of Microsoft products. That allows customers to have their choice to enroll in Microsoft’s programs through either CDW-G or SHI. Remember if you switch resellers, you must do so through the new reseller and allow for 90 days before it is activated--this is a Microsoft rule, not the resellers. See Amendment #4 (below) for Contract terms and cost-plus and list-less percentages.

11/7/2013. The Websense prices on the attachment to this Contract have expired. Contact all the resellers for quotes if you need to place an order. See Vendor Contact attachment below for reseller's information.

7/23/2013. Microsoft's Enterprise Agreement's (EA) terms and conditions do not expire unless the State agrees to a new Agreement. Pricing for any renewals or new enrollments is based on Microsoft's Level "D" price list less 1% given to the reseller.

Microsoft's Select program was replaced by the Select-Plus program in 2012.

7/9/2013 This Contract will be renewed with only 4 of the 5 resellers for another year (9/1/13-8/31/14).

Dell has informed the State that it will not be renewing the current Contract. Therefore, as of September 1, 2013, no orders can be placed with Dell using this mandatory Contract.

Important Alert-- SHI will be the only authorized Microsoft reseller on the Contract as of September 1, 2013. Therefore, if a Contract user uses Dell as their Microsoft reseller, the user must contact SHI to complete a change of reseller form. SHI will start the necessary paperwork after being contacted. The SHI contact information is on the attached “Vendor Contact” link (see Attachments below).

The reason for this process is because Microsoft requires each user to choose a reseller and purchase Microsoft products only from that reseller until the user requests a change in resellers. They also want a 90 day notice before the change can occur. SHI is trying to get waived so that users have a reseller that they can place orders with on September 1, 2013.

Time is of the essence—Please contact SHI as soon as possible to start the process since we do not know how much time Microsoft will waive from the 90 day notice requirement. The process will probably take no less than 30 days but it could be 45-60 days. In other words, don’t wait to make the switch of resellers.

9/24/2012 After many years of negotiation, the State has entered into an Adobe program with better discounts called the Cumulative Licensing Program Government Membership (CLP). Users must enroll or obtain products in the program though one of the resellers on this Contract. (All resellers are listed on the Vendor Contact attachment below.)

Memberships are described in the Adobe Agreement attached below (Master License Agreement -Adobe CLP 2012). Talking with a reseller that understands the program may be more helpful since the CLP lists some initial requirements (like a large order) and we have already fulfilled the requirements. You are advised to read the CLP to make yourself aware of the User terms.

Resellers must use the CPL Level 2 price list to determine our cost. Agreement ID is 4400307184.

Also note that the Adobe CLP does not include terms for Online Services (aka Cloud).

10/31/12 The State has received the Select-Plus Agreement and Agreement number from Microsoft. SHI and Dell have the number if you want to REGISTER for the Select-Plus program.

You have to register with your reseller if you want to obtain the best discounts when you buy Microsoft products. Your reseller will start the registration process by filling out parts of the Microsoft Affiliate Registration form and will send the document to you for completion.

If you have software assurance (SA) on existing licenses or subscriptions (e.g., Bing Maps) and you want to renew your SA or your subscription, you MUST Register as soon as possible. Your renewal order can't be later than 11/30/12 or you will have to purchase a new license if you want SA and you could lose data in your subscription. Don’t wait until the last minute since the Registration process could take several days.

Note that you want to register if you want to:
• purchase new software (priced using the Gov’t discount),
• renew your Software Assurance (SA) on existing licenses,
• or renew subscriptions like Bing Maps.
• If you had a Select Agreement Enrollment, I’m sure you want a Select-Plus REGISTRATION.

What you need to do if you want to REGISTER in the Select-Plus Agreement:
1) Read the FAQ document attached below. (This document has some important information that I have highlighted.)
2) Read the Select-Plus Agreement and the Amendment attached below (reading this document is highly recommended.)
3) WORK WITH YOUR RESELLER if you have questions.
• Your reseller has to START the paperwork process and send you the AFFILIATE REGISTRATION form.
• Either your reseller or you has to enter the “NAME OF ENTITY” on the form. This name MUST MATCH EXACTLY the name that MS has on file for you. You can find this name on the VLSC (MS Volume Licensing website) or ask your reseller. (Don’t ask me since I don’t have easy access to the name.)
• Fill out all areas to complete the form. Make SURE that the NOTICES and CONTACTS persons are people who want communications directly from MS. (Always be sure these names are accurate in the MS VLSC website.)
• Unless you want software assurance on every license you own, check NO in each box in section 7 of the REGISTRATION form. (SHI has entered a check in the NO box already.)
• Sign the form and return it to your RESELLER.

SA and subscription renewals. Get your paperwork and purchase order to your reseller as soon as possible since they have tasks they need to do before forwarding the documents to MS.

There is also another form to complete if you are renewing SA on your licenses. That form requires you to enter your old ENROLLMENT number. Find the number on the VLSC or ask your RESELLER. Your reseller has to include this form with your REGISTRATION form if you are renewing SA on existing licenses.

Note, if you are not familiar with the VLSC website, talk to your reseller. This is the web site where you can download licenses, keep track of any benefits, etc.

In future years (2013 and beyond) renewal orders for SA and subscriptions are required on or before the expiration date of your current order. In other words, we do NOT have a 30 day grace period like we had with the Select program.

Websense Enterprise, Corporate Edition, Desktop web Content Filter Software has been added to this Contract. The prices are firm until 8/31/2013. See the attachment below for product names and prices.

En Pointe's contract with the State of Wisconsin expires on 10/28/2011. Authorized Users must not place any orders with En Pointe after that date.

En Pointe's contract included the Microsoft Academic software and maintenance products. SHI International has been awarded this part of the Microcomputer Software Contract. An amended version of the SHI Contract has been attached to this site.

11/18/2010 Microsoft has issued a notice that Select Agreements and enrollments will be discontinued on June 30, 2011. They fail to explain however that the Select Agreements/Enrollments for Government will not be discontinued. Our Select Agreement/Enrollments will continue. So don't panic.

While we intend to enroll in the Select-Plus program, Microsoft has told us that they are not able to keep track of the license expiration dates, therefore the program is not ready for Government users.

10/26/2011 All five Contractors (Resellers) are now listed on this Contract.


This is a mandatory Contract that provides Authorized Users the ability to purchase Microcomputer Software and Maintenance/Support for software on the Contract. The scope of this Contract includes all software and software maintenance if it is:
• “Shrink-Wrapped” software
• “Off-the-Shelf software
• Licensed Software
• Software Media
• Software Upgrades
• Maintenance/Support Agreements offered by the Publisher/licensor.
• Subscription Software (limited) (No services can be included) (see also below)

The scope of this Contract does not include:
• Specialized and highly-customizable software
• Software that requires implementation costs
• Software services other than maintenance/support
• Specific Symantec anti-virus software (Endpoint Protection) on Contract # 15-20890-601. If more information is needed, contract link on VendorNet is Symantec anti-virus software (Endpoint Protection) on Contract # 15-20890-601
• Subscription Software that includes services that could affect the State’s labor force, including but not limited to:
Microsoft‘s Business Productivity Online Standard Suite (BPOS). Also known as Microsoft Office 365.

In addition, the State has separate non-mandatory contracts with Oracle, ESRI and SAS.

The scope of the Contract does not include any professional services, such as consulting, software enhancements or any other professional services offered by a contractor, Reseller or Publisher/licensor. All professional services requests must be obtained through the mandatory IT Services Contract using the VMS and the RFS process.


Authorized Users may purchase any Publisher’s software provided it is within the scope of the Contract from any of the Resellers except for Microsoft.

The successful Resellers for Microsoft’s products are Dell and SHI.

The successful Reseller for Microsoft Education is SHI International.

The Resellers names, addresses, contacts, telephone numbers, etc are listed on the Vendor Contact List (attached).

The Resellers are able to sell thousands of products from thousands of Publishers. Resellers may or may not be able to sell every Publisher or even every product offered by the Publisher. However, at least one of the Resellers on the Contract should be able to provide at one time or another almost all your software needs.

There aren't any product, publisher or price lists for any of the resellers because of the huge number of products they carry. If you want something from a large publisher like Symantec, the reseller may have a price list. In many cases, the best way to contact the resellers is with the quote form attached below. Send all resellers the quote form at the same time.


The purchase price is based either on a Cost-Plus Percentage or a List-Less Discount Percentage (Novell only).

The Pricing Cheat Sheet attachment (see below) lists the Reseller’s cost plus percentages for several Major Publishers along with the volume license agreement. All “Other” Publishers are covered by the “Other” category.

The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Firm Prices are provided on a separate spreadsheet attached below.

Agencies should email (use the Quote Form attached below) each appropriate Reseller every time they are requesting price quotes. The cost price for each Reseller for the same Publisher could be very different; therefore the lowest cost-plus percentage listed may not get you the cheapest purchase price.

The "Cost Plus" price on this Contract shall be considered the maximum price you pay for any product. Authorized Users are free to negotiate further discounts or better pricing on a case-by-case basis. When purchasing large quantities, be sure you provide the size of your order when obtaining quotes. The Resellers should attempt to negotiate lower cost prices from the Publisher and pass those savings on to you.

Permission may be granted, at the discretion of the State Bureau of Procurement, allowing agencies to purchase from a source not included on this Contract if it is determined to be in the best interest of the State. Agencies must justify, in writing, each case to the State Bureau of Procurement Contract Manager prior to the purchase. Justification includes the name of the suggested vendor, the description of the item, the cost and the reason for not using this mandatory Contract. The agency must have also attempted to obtain the product from the Resellers on the Contract.


This Contract does not cover many of the individual Publisher’s software licensing terms and conditions required by many software Publishers for their products. Therefore, every purchaser of software who signs, agrees to or clicks agreement to Publisher’s terms and conditions is responsible for ensuring that the terms and conditions are allowable, acceptable and legal for the State of Wisconsin. If you are not positive, then you must submit the terms and conditions to your purchasing and/or your legal people. There are some terms and conditions that the state cannot agree to or sign.

Listed below are some terms to watch out for.

--State must indemnify the vendor—(State can never indemnify any vendor)
--Induced Inhibiting Code
--Disabling Devices—(i.e., Ability for Publisher to shut down the software)
--Audit Terms—(i.e., Ability for Publisher to audit unannounced)
--Infringement Indemnification—(Publisher will not infringe any intellectual property rights of any third party and will indemnify the State)
--Applicable Law—(Only the Laws of the State of Wisconsin can be agreed to)
--Assignment—(i.e., Ability for Publisher to sell or assign agreement without your knowledge. You want the terms you agreed to follow any sale or assignment)

Authorized Users may wish to review existing Master License Agreements for terms and conditions that have been agreed to by the State. (see link below)


There are some Master License Agreements for some major Publishers signed by the State covering terms and conditions and use of the software. Here is a link to the Master License Agreements located on VendorNet. If there is a Master License Agreement, the Authorized User does not have to agree to any other licensing terms or conditions.

There is a Master License Agreement for Microsoft; however, it does not include the Product Use Rights. Microsoft has a huge website devoted to product usage for each product it publishes. Authorized Users must comply with Microsoft’s Product Use Rights and must visit the website to ensure the product is being used according to the use rights.


The Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) process is required for all State Agencies when purchasing services. Maintenance may or may not include services. This Contract includes the purchase of Technical Support/Maintenance from multiple Publishers. The support may consist of solving technical problems at the user’s location via a help desk. Support may also include updates, fixes, etc., therefore each agency needs to determine whether the value of the services support (verses updates) exceeds $50,000. A suggestion for determining the value of the service to the agency might be estimating the number of hours the agency spent (over a 12 month period) having the Publisher help them solve problems, etc. Multiplying the total hours times $100/hour (or some other reasonable dollar amount) should equal the reasonable value of the service. The Agency is required to do a CBA when the value exceeds $50,000.


The USER GUIDE attached to the Contract may also be helpful and provide useful information about this Contract.


Microsoft sends out monthly newsletters via email to inform customers of updates to the distribution of media subscription kits in the near future. In the newsletter they provide links to websites that provide more information. They also post one newsletter (usually not up to date) on their Current News web site. If you want to see the newsletter and you are not on the mailing list, you can go to their website every month and read the news on line. The website that is very hard to find is the ARCHIVED SHIPMENT CONTENT LIST. That website is provided here. To view the current news, go to the archived list and click on CURRENT NEWS on the left side of the page. Products Use Rights


See attached documents for vendor list.

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Adobe CLP Membership Agreement for the State of Wisconsin, Sept 2012
Adobe CLP Membership for the State of Wisconsin-Contract period 9-20-14 through 9-19-16, Agreement No. 4400407416
Adobe VIP Admin Console User Guide-3.20.15
Adobe VIP Agreement- Fully Executed 3.18.15_Redacted
Adobe VIP Price List March 2015
Adobe VIP Program Guide - Education 3.20.15
Adobe VIP Program Guide- 3.20.15
Amendment No. 1, Dell's price changes for MS EA products for new enrollees starting 03/01/2011. Applies to Dell and SHI only
Amendment No. 1, SHI's price changes for MS EA products for new enrollees starting 03/01/2011. Amendment applies to Dell and SHI only
Amendment No. 2. SHI International-adding Microsoft Academic--for complete Contract See below, SHI Amended Contract starting 10/29/2011
Amendment No. 3 SHI lowers some cost percentages effective 8-2013 See attached and the Pricing Cheat Sheet below.
Amendment No. 4. Add resale of Microsoft Products to CDW-G's Contract. See attached for terms. See also Pricing Cheat Sheet below for cost percentages.
Contract CDWG renewed to 8/31/2014
Contract CDWG renewed to 8/31/2015
Contract Dell expires 8/31/2013
Contract DIS renewed to 8/31/2014
Contract DIS renewed to 8/31/2015
Contract Document(s)
Contract Insight renewed to 8/31/2014
Contract Insight renewed to 8/31/2015
Contract SHI amended --adding Microsoft Academic for period renewed to 8/31/2014
Contract SHI renewed to 8/31/2014
Contract SHI renewed to 8/31/2015
Master License Agreement--Adobe CLP, signed 2012.
Master License Agreement--McAfee 9/1/2005 thru 8/31/2014
Master License Agreement--Symantec 3/2/2009 until indefinite
Microsoft ENTERPRISE (EA) Master License Agreement and Information Guide to the EA 03/01/2004-02/28/2013 (See Scope for item dated 7/23/2013)
Microsoft Firm Prices from Dell For Enterprise Agreement for NEW enrollees for period 3/1/2011 thru 2/29/2014
Microsoft Firm Prices from Dell for Enterprise Agreement for old enrollments for period 3/1/2010 thru 2/28/2013.
Microsoft Firm Prices from SHI for Enterprise Agreement for NEW enrollees for period 3/1/2011 thru 2/29/2014.
Microsoft Firm Prices from SHI for Enterprise Agreement for old enrollments for period 3/1/2010 thru 2/28/2013.
Microsoft SELECT Master License Agreement 10/01/09-09/30/12
Microsoft Select-Plus Agreement 2012
Microsoft Select-Plus Agreement AMENDMENT(terms and conditions that replace or add to the Select-Plus Agreement)
Microsoft Select-Plus FAQ document
Pricing Cheat Sheet showing Contractor's Cost-Plus and List-Less Percentages
Quote Form-Get software quotes quick by using this form
Special Terms and Conditions
User Guide, Microcomputer Software
Vendor Contact List--all Contractors, contacts, phone, email, etc.
Vendor Required 3rd Party Audit Sampling Calculator
Vendor Required Annual Audit; Audit Methodology
Vendor Required MBE Reporting Form
Vendor Required Report Form for annual 3rd party audit
Vendor Required Spend Report Format for monthly, quarterly and annual reports.
Websense Software--EXPIRED

Revision History

09/14/15Added note of expiration to the title.
09/11/15Please be advised that the contract documents are fully executed and orders can now be placed or released against contract 505ENT-M16-VARSOFTWARE-00.
08/31/158/31/2015 - A new contract will be posted to VendorNet to replace this current contract. Any questions regarding this transition please email me directly:
04/08/154/8/15 - updated CBA threshold.
03/20/15Added VIP program reference materials.
03/18/15Added note to scope for use of Adobe VIP subscription licensing.
03/18/15Added note to scope for use of Adobe VIP subscription licensing.
03/11/15Microsoft Office 365 allowed under this contract.
07/08/14Updated contract term in Price Sheet*
06/30/14Updated the contract end date for CDW-G, SHI, Insight and DIS to August 31, 2015.
06/17/14Attached Adobe CLP Agreement for period 9/20/14-9/19/16.
06/17/14Attached the Adobe CLP Agreement for period 9/20/14-9/19/16.
02/13/14Adding cost percentages for Microsoft products sold by CDW-G per Amendment No. 4 to the Pricing Cheat Sheet*
02/13/14Amendment #4. Amends CDW-G's contract to include the resale of Microsoft products starting 2/12/14.
01/08/14Renaming the attachment
11/27/13Changes to SHI email address for placing orders, Insight changes to Account Exe. contact and phone#*
11/25/13Removed the Dell contact escalation list--no longer needed since Dell is not a contract vendor since 9/1/13.
11/07/13Websense prices have expired, removing attachment.
11/07/13Noted that Websense contract prices on attachment have expired. Contact resellers for new quotes.
11/06/13Deleted Dell-no longer on Contract, updated contacts for Insight and SHI. Note SHI 800 number will change.*
10/15/13Added Adobe CPL Agreement ID to Scope 4400307184
07/29/13Corrected a Dell contact persons email--Cyndi Radel*
07/24/13Added the Adobe CLP membership document-provides better discounts. Contact reseller regarding enrollment.
07/23/13Updated expiration dates for several agreements including the Enterprise Agreement.
07/22/13Updated Contract end date on Attachment title for CDW-G*
07/22/13Updated Contract end date to 8/31/20114. Only 4 resellers renewed--CDW-G, DIS, Insight and SHI. Dell is no longer a reseller as of September 1, 2013.
07/22/13Vendor Contact list updated with new contact person at Insight.*
07/09/13Added to scope information ---Dell will not be renewing the Contract. Users using Dell as their Microsoft reseller must switch to SHI ASAP.
06/20/13Added Adobe CLP agreeement --gives enrollees and purchasers better discounts on Adobe products.
02/05/13User Guide attached to Contract attachment list
11/26/12Updated the contact escalation list for Dell--Chris Moore has replaced previous person.*
11/26/12Updated Vendor contact list for Dell--Account Exe. and Contract contact*
10/31/12Updated and rewrote information regarding the Select-Plus Agreement. Attachments for the Select-Plus Agreement remain the same.
10/24/12Added 3 attachments for the Microsoft Select-Plus Agreement--an FAQ, the Select-Plus Agreement and the Amendment to the Agreement
10/24/12Added MICROSOFT SELECT-PLUS information
10/04/12Updated Select-Plus Agreement information--still not signed
09/10/12Pricing cheat sheet updated --removed Business Objects cost-plus percentages from reseller DIS (only) list--they are not able to sell renewals or maintenance.*
07/09/12Made some cosmetic changes to the scope--nothing material
06/29/12Added MS Enterprise D-1% price level agreement effective 5/1/2012 to MS EA Master License Agreement and Information Guide*
04/02/12updated to scope to mention that there is no products, publishers or price list for this contract
01/17/12Dell Field Account Rep Sean Whalen replaces Lori Kolo on the Vendor Contact List*
01/12/12Added statement to Scope section that Websense has been added to this Contract.
10/27/11Removed all the En Pointe cost plus percentages and added the Microsoft Academic cost plus percentages to the SHI columns on the Pricing Cheat Sheet*
10/26/11Removed En Pointe from Vendor Contact list*
10/26/11Removing En Pointe from the Contract. Adding Microsoft Academic to SHI Contract and attaching new SHI amended Contract.
10/11/11Updating Vendor Contact List-SHI Corp. Office Address Changed*
09/07/11Updated McAfee MLA to 8/31/2014 with third amendment.
05/16/11Added DOA contract manager email to Dell problem escalation attachment.*
05/16/11Updated Dell contact, phone and fax information for Local Govt. and EDU orders.*
05/12/11Added new attachment Vendor Contact Names for escalation of Dell problems
04/20/11Deleted duplicate attachment.
04/20/11Updating the title of the SHI MS EA pricing to include the effective dates.
04/20/11Updating the title of the Dell MS EA pricing to include the effective dates
04/18/11Added 2 MS EA price lists, one for Dell and one for SHI-pricing for NEW enrollees for period 3/1/2011 thru 2/29/1014
04/18/11Added 2 MS EA price lists, one for Dell and one for SHI-pricing for NEW enrollees for period 3/1/2011 thru 2/29/1014*
04/18/11Adding Amendment No. 1 for MS EA prices for customers that enroll (NEW) for period 3/1/3011-2/29/2014.*
12/20/10Clarified the pricing for the Microsoft Academic by removing the cost-plus percentages on page 41. The cost-plus percentages on page 42 are correct.*
11/18/10Notice to users: Select Agreement for Government is not expiring; Select-Plus Agreement still not ready for Government enrollments.
10/25/10Microsoft has made a change to BPOS and named it Microsoft Office 365. These items are NOT included and cannot be purchased on this Contract.
10/20/10En Pointe Contact for phone orders and phone number changed.*
10/14/10Vendor Contact list updated for En Pointe*
10/12/10Pricing Cheat Sheet updated with Academic Cost-plus percentages*
10/06/10Added note in Scope that En Pointe is the Microsoft Education Contractor
10/04/10Update Pricing Cheat Sheet to include all 6 Contractor pricing*
10/04/10Update Contacts list to include all 6 Contractors*
10/04/10Note entered that all 6 resellers that received an award are now listed on the Contract.
09/22/10Changing the name of Microsoft Enterprise Agreement attachment
09/13/10Master Agreement for McAfee added*
09/13/10Updated Vendor Contact List to add 2 resellers*
09/13/10Updated Pricing Cheat to include 2 more resellers*
09/09/10Creating links to web sites in Scope
09/09/10Creating LINKS to web sites in Scope
09/07/10Replace with updated Quote form*
09/07/10Fixed BOLD program symbols to highlight certain words

* Indicates an attached document.
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