STATE OF WISCONSIN LOGO State Procurement Manual

The State Procurement Manual is your guide to statewide policies and procedures for obtaining materials, supplies, equipment, contractual services and all other items of a consumable nature.

The State Bureau of Procurement issues the Manual and updates it as necessary. Announcements of updates are communicated to agency purchasing directors or the established contact in the Directory of State Bureaus of Procurement/Transportation and State Agency Purchasing/Printing Offices . This agency contact person is responsible for distributing information within his/her agency.

Rick Hughes, Director
State Bureau of Procurement

Table of Contents -- Numerical Listing
PRO-A Introduction
PRO-B Statewide Contracts and Standards
PRO-C The Procurement Process
PRO-D General Policies
PRO-E Contracting, Ordering, Receiving and Payment
PRO-F Transportation, Materials Distribution, Disposal
PRO-G Records and Reports
PRO-I Contracting for Services
PRO-J Printing
PRO-K Work Center
  Definitions of Revision Marks
  Table of Contents -- Alphabetical Listing
  Entire Procurement Manual (PDF format)
State Procurement Manual Addendum Dated: April 7, 2015
Index of STAR Procurement Information Memorandums (PIMs)



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