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Veteran-owned Business Policy

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Authority: Wis. Stats. 15.107(2); 16.75(4)(a), (c), (d); 16.755; 45.35(5)

  • to define veteran-owned business

  • to establish policy and procedures for the state's relationship with veteran-owned businesses


    "Veteran-owned business" means a small business, as defined in 16.75(4)(c), that is certified by the Department of Veterans Affairs as being at least 51% owned by one or more veterans, as defined in s. 45.35(5).


  1. The State Bureau of Procurement encourages the participation of veteran-owned businesses in the statewide purchasing program by inviting veteran-owned businesses to actively solicit public purchasing business and by reducing undue impediments to such participation. The Bureau:

    1. Maintains a bidder list of veteran-owned businesses located in this state which have indicated a willingness to provide materials or services to the state and notifies these businesses of purchasing requests for which they may wish to submit bids or proposals.

    2. Eliminates or reduces, where possible, administrative burdens on veteran-owned businesses located in this state which submit bids and proposals to the state and assists these businesses in complying with the state's competitive bidding and competitive negotiation procedures.

    3. Submits an annual report (October 1) to the Council on Small Business, Veteran-owned Business and Minority Business Opportunities which:

      1. Evaluates the performance of small businesses located in this state;

      2. Makes recommendations for increased involvement of small businesses in submitting competitive bids and proposals; and

      3. Develops actions through a small business, veteran-owned business and minority business "outreach" program to communicate with small, veteran-owned and minority businesses.

    1. Seeks the cooperation and assistance of the Department of Veterans Affairs in promoting the participation of veteran-owned businesses in state purchasing activities.

  1. The State Bureau of Procurement, and agencies with delegated purchasing authority, will refer applicants for certification as a veteran-owned business to the purchasing director of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

    1. Applicants will complete a Veteran-owned Business Request for Certification (Form WDVA 1037 (Adobe Acrobat) or Word 97)). Agencies that maintain bidders lists will reproduce copies from this form (or request a camera copy from the Department of Veterans Affairs) and provide them to applicants with a bidder list application form. Agencies that do not maintain bidder lists will instruct applicants to contact the Department directly.

    2. Agencies may request a copy of the completed form from the Department of Veterans Affairs by making a notation in the "state agency copies" box in the lower right-hand corner of the form before sending it to the potential veteran-owned business.

    3. Agencies receiving forms inadvertently without Department of Veterans Affairs review will forward them to the Department.



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