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Direct Charges, Invoices and Vouchers

Number Section
PRO-E-4 Contracting, Ordering, Receiving and Payment
Effective Replaces Agencies Affected
1-1-00 7-1-94 All

Authority: Wis. Stats. 16.528; 16.53; 16.72(4)(a); 16.77; 16.87(2); 16.87(3)

  • to establish authority and procedure for approving payment of invoices and vouchers

  1. Applicable purchasing regulations established by the State Bureau of Procurement will be followed in the purchase of all necessary materials, supplies, equipment, all other permanent personal property, and contractual services, and all other expenses of a consumable nature for all state offices.

  2. Purchase orders will be issued for all procurements, except for the following, which do not require State Bureau of Procurement approval: (Within this list, issuance of a purchase order is optional by the agency purchasing office.) Where competition exists, the agency will follow established bidding procedures.

    1. Purchases $1,500 or less ($5,000 or less for an agency that has implemented the purchasing card) (See PRO-E-1, Purchase Order, for reporting requirements.)

    2. Fees (subscription, witness, court filing, membership, registration, tuition, royalties)

    3. Indemnity and bounty payments

    4. Refunds of receipts collected

    5. Purchases of land and right-of-ways

    6. Individual airline, rail, and bus tickets

    7. Stamps, postage, and U.S. postal services

    8. Construction contracts $2,500 or more (See III. below.)

    9. Fire call claims

    10. Eye and physical examinations (reimbursements) and medical payments not covered by insurance (athletics)

    11. Workers' and unemployment compensation claims

    12. County payments for maintenance of highways

    13. Real estate taxes

    14. Claims board awards

    15. Aids payments for all types

    16. Payroll and fringe benefits of state employees

    17. General services billings and service center transfers within state government

    18. Inter-fund transfers

    19. Building rentals

    20. United Parcel Services and common carrier freight charges (unless included on purchase order)

    21. Purchase of preprinted or recorded materials for educational purposes including books, microfilm/fiche, audio/video recordings, films, etc. (This does not include computer programs.)

    22. Individual travel expenses, including motel expenses

    23. Payments from insurance funds

    24. Prepayments of U.S. and other government payments

    25. Utilities bills (electric, gas, and telephone) (This does not include entering into independent agreements with utilities.) (See PRO-C-14, Utility Services.)

    26. Household moves (See PRO-D-15, Contracts for Household Moves.)

    27. Merchandise to be bought and resold by brand name and/or customer preference in a public or institution store or canteen

    28. Honoraria (See PRO-D-2, Honoraria.)

    29. Revenue producing contracts where there is no exchange of funds

    30. Contracts established for the benefit of agency clientele in which no costs are paid by the state

  3. A contract involving the expenditure of $2,500 or more for construction work requires approval by the State Division of Facilities Development. (See PRO-D-17, Limited Trades Contracts.)

  4. If a State Bureau of Procurement statewide contract has been issued which instructs agencies to issue purchase orders for any item shown on this list of exceptions, the agency will adhere to the instructions in the contract.

  5. All invoices for materials or services purchased by agencies will be reviewed before payment, for:

    1. Math and coding accuracy

    2. Compliance with purchasing regulations

    3. Compliance with terms of the purchase order

    4. Evidence of receipt in good condition

    5. Potential duplicate payments

    6. Conformance with legislative and program intent

  6. The review of invoices and vouchers will be done by the Department of Administration (DOA) Financial Operations or agencies with delegated preaudit authority prior to approving payment. Discrepancies to any purchase order requiring contact with a vendor or contractor will be referred to the purchasing office for resolution.

  7. The goal of the State of Wisconsin is to pay properly submitted vendor invoices within 30 days of receipt, providing goods and/or services have been delivered, installed (if required), and accepted as specified. Payment will be considered timely if the payment is mailed, delivered, or transferred by the later of the following:

    1. The date specified on a properly completed invoice for the amount specified in the order or contract

    2. Within 30 days after receipt of a properly completed invoice or receipt and acceptance of the property or service under the order or contract or within 30 days after receipt of an improperly completed invoice or receipt and acceptance of the property or service under the order or contract, whichever is later if the agency does not notify the sender of receipt of an improperly completed invoice within 10 working days after it receives the invoice of the reason it is improperly completed. See PRO-E-6, Prompt Payment Policy.

  8. In processing payments, invoices with term discounts will be given priority. All cash discounts for items under a state contract or written price quotation are to be handled as being applicable if paid within 30 days from date of receipt of invoice, provided this interpretation is so stated in the request for bid. All other discounts will be paid in accordance with the vendor's state terms provided they meet the following conditions:

    1. Minimum time period considered for a cash discount is 15 days

    2. Minimum amount considered is 2% of the invoice or $20, whichever is higher

    To accept a discount for early payment, an agency will contact its Financial Operations office to assure payment can be made within the stated time period.



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