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The Minority Business Enterprise Program

The State of Wisconsin operates a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Program to maximize the use of minority business enterprises in the purchase of goods and services. The goal of the state is to attempt to ensure that 5% of the total amount expended in the state’s purchasing program in each fiscal year is paid to minority business enterprises.

The MBE Program operates through the Department of Administration and has a full-time director who is responsible for implementation of the program. The director seeks out, identifies and assists minority vendors in participating in state contracts. If a minority business enterprise submits a qualified, responsible, competitive bid that is no more than 5% higher than the lowest responsible bid, the award may be made to the minority business enterprise.

To meet the State's commitment and goals regarding utilization of minority business enterprises, contractors are required to cooperate with the MBE Program. The MBE program ensures that minority business enterprises have the maximum opportunity to compete for subcontract work whenever feasible.

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