Wisconsin Department of Administration
Ref. Wis. Stats. 16.70(1b), (1e), (3e); 16.75(10m); 77.51(10); 77.66
State Procurement Manual PRO-D-31

Certification for Collection of Sales and Use Tax

Wisconsin has a new law relating to the collection of sales and use tax by vendors doing business with the State of Wisconsin. This law provides that state agencies and certain authorities cannot enter into any contract or order for the purchase of materials, supplies, equipment or contractual services with vendors or their affiliates who are not registered, collecting and remitting Wisconsin sales or use tax on sales of tangible personal property or taxable services in Wisconsin.

The Department of Revenue (DOR) is responsible for verifying that vendors and their affiliates are in compliance with the tax law and also for certifying a list of ineligible vendors to the Department of Administration. Ineligible vendors are listed in the Certification for Collection of Sales and Use Tax Vendor Directory.

A vendor that only makes sales that are not subject to sales or use tax under Chapter 77, Wis. Statutes, will not be required to register for the collection of Wisconsin sales or use tax. The vendor may complete an Affidavit of Exempt Sales in lieu of registering with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

Certification for Collection of Sales and Use Tax FAQs


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